Getting Ready to Move to Corpus Cristi

We have been working on this for a long time and we are getting ready to go down to the Texas Gulf Coast. Of course we are looking at places that are near the beach in area to the North of Corpus Cristi. We have already started to narrow down the search, in fact you can do a lot of that over the internet. You can not make a final decision without seeing a place, but you can learn enough to eliminate the places which clearly do make the cut. If you click here you can go and find the power companies that are available in any place in Texas. If you did not know they have a whole bunch of them down there, about one hundred from what I have been told. They all tell you what the rates are, but that is not the thing that I am going to be thinking about.

Obviously they have plenty of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. They are going to hit where you are on occasion and when they do, that is going to knock your lights off. When that happens the most important thing is going to be getting them back on, in fact you will not think even a little about the electric rates then. When I was younger we had this really bad ice storm and we lost our power for close to two weeks. It does not take anywhere near that long to really start missing the lights and all of the great things that you get from modern technology. It is going to be a lot harder for you to be in the heat of South Texas with no air conditioning. You can be sure it is always going to be hot down there.